In Kashmir,a human being is more worse than an animal in case of food adulteration;
Because many sins are prevalent in our society but the sin of food adulteration is out of an imagination.
The persons,who are responsible for this heinous crime, are the worst creation;
Because a human being is a person who helps its fellow beings ,not throw them in a dreadful situation.
Diseases are everywhere due to food adulteration in this part of this land;
And the hospitals can’t admit more patients and they die in a foreign sand.
No human being in this Kashmir can say that I am pious but in this crime, everyone has a hand;
And getting hefty sums of money from this crime,they call themselves grand.
Devil is better than us in this respect;
Because a human being is going against the divine aspect.
A normal food in Kashmir is always to suspect;
And the commonest person is given the humiliating disrespect.
Why this business is making progress with each passing day?
Where are the law makers of this land who used to remain at bay?
They have the capacity in doing a lot and have the authority to say;
But they dye their black hours into grey.
No person can trust another person in this dangerous phase;
Because the wounds are so deep that they are very difficult to erase.
Constructing big houses is a menace and is also called a craze;
But our beloved corn is also called maize.
How can you kill your fellow being in this manner?
you are not a donor,then please don’t be a Snatcher.
You are a blot on the name of humanity and are not fit to honour;
Because you are in the front row and are a false trainer.
Food adulteration has seeped deep into our soul very minutely;
And no-one is waking up from the deep slumber clearly.
This is harming us from all the sides dearly;
And our end is very near and it is going to be nearly.
The need of the hour is to respect the human beings in every sense;
Because we are already depressed and can’t go for another tense.
Disasters will from the skies and your fence will be a mere fence!
So,beg forgiveness in the divine court when the darkness is very dense.
Hell is ignited for all of you if you don’t change your attire;
Because you are the doers of a gruesome crime, best for the worst satire.
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Hajibagh, HMT


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