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The state craft has evolved differently in Jammu and Kashmir over the years. This section offers narratives about the various facets of the governance in between various elected governments and the governors.

Covid 2.0

Much like in the rest of India, hospitals in Kashmir are ill-prepared to deal with the virulent second wave, the…

Govern Now

The administration appears as clueless and helpless about the unfolding catastrophe as the ordinary people, writes Riyaz Wani With over three…

Rendered Jobless

As non-local mining concerns bagged most of the mining works across Kashmir, tendered at the peak of internet shutdown, thousands…

Cover Story
Consumed Careers

Successive governments have mindlessly “hired” people on an ad-hoc, provisional and temporary basis. They keep the government’s service delivery show…

Probing A Secret

For the first time in decades, the federal investigators are probing the secret fund, triggering discussions across Jammu and Kashmir,…


Properties acquired by wilfully bank defaulters were always auctioned through protracted judicial processes, a system that SARFAESI law simplified. As…

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