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Lalla Rookh Debate

People talking about Kashmir are so ignorant about the place that they presume most of nearly seven million people inhabiting…

Ahlan Ramadhan

For the first time in Kashmir’s TV history, a Srinagar based media outlet is trying to capture the essence of…

 Looking Back at Life

From once a famous television actress to a forgotten old lady living in penury, Pranna Shangloo has experienced all shades…

Lights, Camera and Kashmir

After Visa, ICICI Bank and Hero Honda, it is time for India’s leading IT company, HCL, to show Kashmir in…

Stress And Suspended Lives

Women in Kashmir are the worst sufferers of conflict. Experts say women generally have less tolerance for trauma. Some Kashmiri…

The Straight Curve
Soppy soaps

Arshid MalikWomenfolk screaming at the highest pitch of their voices “Everybody, it is time for dinner” accompanied by clinking sounds…

Fun Face of Kashmir

What can be more rewarding for an actor than people remembering him for a role he played. Sumayyah Qureshi talks…

Saroori out, Gul not

R&B minister G M Saroori has been shown the door after his daughter was implicated in examination impersonation case, but chief minister’s advisor Mubarak Gul remains unharmed despite similar allegations. Khurshid Wani reports.

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