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MAHIVISH BHAT They never liked my technique, But for it I could never speak. They always pointed the odds…


Career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. But the word Career is divisive in itself that divides the normal…

Doodles A fruit vendor -- Photo:Aamir Ashraf Gujri
A Paradoxical View

Aamir Ashraf Gujri clicks a conceptual picture depicting a paradoxical view of a fruit vendor selling fruits against a…

Doodles Indo-Pak T20 -- Drawn By: Abdul Basit
Indo-Pak T20

What a beautiful parting shot at the recent Indo-Pak T20 Cricket. Both the arch-rivals shared the pie but the…

Young Life

Kashmir Life gladly introduces its online Student Section for the young scholars of Kashmir Valley. Named as  Young Life, the…

Does She Mean Anything?

She deserves accolades but gets brickbats instead. Her life is full of responsibilities & duties. She is known for compromises…

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