They never liked my technique,

But for it I could never speak.

They always pointed the odds in me,

But I stood in front of the mirror and could not see.

They always said I had a bad mood,

But I could find myself a dude!

They questioned on me being so worried,

But I could find myself a bit hurried.

They always said that I am lazy,

But I could find myself fast and crazy.

They said that I was negative,

But I could find myself very creative.

They still call me a geek,

But this I will not say That I am unique.

They are asking now, then and ever,

But asked for the reasons. . . . Never!

I am not a geek…

I have some answers of being called so.

You never liked my techniques!

Have faith in me,

They will take me to peaks.

You pointed out the odd,

May be sometime, Someday it will prove a fly rod.

You said I am a  bad mood,

Because I remember the time when I was not included.

I can answer all your questions,

If they were just suggestions

You asked and asked ever,

But looked for the reasons never.

You will never call me a geek.

Look at the way to this peak,

Look once, once to the other side of mine.

You will find me on the cloud nine …………….me






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