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Fears of Silence

Aadil Hussian Bhat When the sky cried in thunderclaps Above the waters with fatal troubles, I was not afraid with…

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Altaf Khaliq Wani Pregnant tree near my lodge Whom I care, chill to till Shyly foliage sprout as guard Nod…

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Death of Paradise

MIR UMAR I turned my eyes to see The destruction of my heaven, The monuments blazed with smoke Lakes,…


By: Iqra Akhoon Sitting In The Middle Of Khanqah Listening To Awraadi Fatah Having Sips Of Nun Chaai Under The…

Crimson Streams

by Asif Sultan Matta Thou ask me about the autumnal beauty And the full charm of the Chinar tree? Let…

Autumn turned ugly

by Iqra Nazir “Arrival, Arrival”, whistled the breeze. “Of your treasured spell- That comes to appease. Autumn, it is…

It is too dark

By Younis Kaloo The day is as dark as night No boundaries of windows, walls and corridors In the beginning it…

Wounded paradise

By: Urooj Manzoor Class: 10th (Minto Circle School, Srinagar) May I gather some courage to speak for a while A…

The caravan of life

By: Esha Khan Class: 10th blue (Minto circle higher secondary school, Srinagar) “Oh you caravan of life, to where are…

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