Hue And Cry

By Syed Bisma Anjum                                 

My Kashmir is bleeding

O blood suckers

Your cruelty is preceding

In all the tacks

I am to raise the hue and cry

You shot my brother

Is there a reason?

Naught, but is a Kashmiri

Who never got a season

For ripping his hue and cry

I long to see my father

Whom you beated up to death

You kept him behind the bars

Waiting for his last breath

Sealing his mouth of hue and cry

What to say of my mother and sister

It plays havoc with me

You have hauled her to disrobe

Slaughtered and raped is all I see

Lurked tears show my hue and cry

(The author is a Second year student at Women’s College Srinagar)


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