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I turned my eyes to see
The destruction of my heaven,
The monuments blazed with smoke
Lakes, streams, rivers turned red
And sky smelted the blood.

This bosom of land, where I played once
Now turned to graveyard!
Roughly sunken with the words of unknown
I spoke now to epitaphs.

Childhood crept behind the clouds
The moaning cries of mothers
‘O dear Son’! Come back
Fluttering tears from the dead son’s eyes.

The flowers, toffees showered on funeral once,
First unending and second shot down
Through hatred they gave bullets and pellets
Quenching and piercing my heart.

The crows make rounds on the way
When blood stopped flowing through
Buried in the grave of paradise
Epitaph on my gravestone left for
An odyssey of a martyr!


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