Wounded paradise

By: Urooj Manzoor

Class: 10th (Minto Circle School, Srinagar)

Urooj Manzoor

May I gather some courage to speak for a while

A vandalized land, it’s debriciated profile.

Was once greatly adorned for it’s style

A sense of sovereignty was seeded in it’s soil.

Paradise on Earth was royal from it’s birth

The goal was perfection, persistence to come forth.

But transition took place and burried it’s voice

From valley of peace to my wounded paradise.

It’s gems got perished according to our need

Today it is seen demolished indeed.

How evil a man has acted in greed

Disrupted it’s order in the name of creed.

O’ blossoms you say is this demo fair

If flowers dry up before death is near.

A case similar can be sighted here

My Valley has been trodden and is unable to repair.

From aeons I craved for a pacified day

A day which extripates all that betray.

When justice will be done after long delay

So that I may get my valley back someway.




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