The caravan of life

By: Esha Khan

Class: 10th blue (Minto circle higher secondary school, Srinagar)

Esha Khan

“Oh you caravan of life, to where are you heading?Is it a leap in the dark, are you certain where you’re getting?Is the journey that lies ahead exciting to keep you moving?What is it that drives you through where darkness stands looming?”

“Why do you carry the burden, of troubles not yours to carry,Bring the journey to its end, why do you have to tarry?¬†For the songs of your glory shall lose their rhythm with time,For the splendid seasons of warmth shall soon turn into rime”…..

“Oh!! You traveller so weary” said life in its full bloom,”I have too much to bear, but why are you shadowed by gloom,This path is thorned with hardships, but never should you lose faith,For there is so much to cherish, grieve not the certain death..”

“For the beauty of it all lies in never losing hope,To keep moving ahead, with a heart full of courage to cope.Make the most of it, gather wonderful memories,They shall keep you going, appearing as they vanish worries….”


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