Career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. But the word Career is divisive in itself that divides the normal life into business or professional life.

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Presently our whole life is totally dependent on career. When a kid evolves into a man or woman or whatsoever, one particular thing that shapes this transition is what we call career. Everyone faces the interrogatory phases in life of choosing a stream that could shape their career well. The situation is same for everyone but the condition varies from person to person, how a student investigates about his abilities and chooses the stream accordingly. One thing we should accept that we need to come out of the box of becoming doctors and engineers only.

Everyone is not born to be a doctor and engineer. It’s high time for the parents as well to understand the fact and let their wards to follow their aspirations rather than feeding and forcing them to opt for medical and non-medical only. Career planning is one of the most important periods of a student’s life. Career planning mainly includes:

  • Knowing your abilities
  • Exploring your options
  • Making right decisions
  • Try achieving your dream.

So, after completing 10th, one should first understand what he wants to achieve and through what medium of education. Then the student should evaluate his aptitude very well, take advices from professionals in that particular field, visit education consultants and take a decision(s) accordingly. The student should never take a decision in a hurry and the parents should never force something to their wards.

I myself don’t oppose the passion of becoming a doctor or an engineer but what I want to highlight is the career options available in commerce field, which they are probably unaware of. Since Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and service sector constitutes largest portion of India’s GDP, therefore, there are ample career opportunities for commerce graduates. There are a lot of options available to the students in the field, one among them being, pursuing B.Com and then working as accountants. The more ambitious and passionate students can opt for Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Work Accountancy and Company Secretary. Precisely, commerce students have following options available:

  • Cost Accountancy
  • Company Secretary Ship
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • BCA and then MCA
  • BBA/BBM/B.Com and then MBA
  • Bachelors in Economics
  • Commercial Lawyer
  • Stock Market Analyst
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Tax Auditor; and much more.

So after bachelors in commerce, one can opt for specialized courses to get better job opportunities. After B.Com one can even pursue MBA, M.Com, LLB or Masters in Finance, HR, etc.

Many job oriented courses are also available like Hotel Management, Industrial Design, Fashion Merchandising, Tourism and Secretarial courses.

There are lots of opportunities in the commerce field but you should pursue whatever you are interested in and passionate for.

Lastly some brotherly advices:

• Never look down on any subject because every stream has got opportunities.

• Follow the way of your dreams.

• Never take decisions without proper planning.

• Access yourself, evaluate your talents and abilities.

• Know your opportunities, your passion and start working to achieve your dreams

• No one can stop you from being successful in life.

Written By:

Abid Hussain Rah

Computer Science Engineering Student

SSM College of Engineering & Technology



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