Positive Interventions Will Ensure Energy, Food Security Needs: CS


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Chief Secretary Madhav Lal Monday underscored the need for further groundwork on the State Action Plan on Climate Change with clearly outlined areas of focus leading to optimum utilization of the highly valued natural resources of the state in a sustainable manner to meet present and future needs of energy, food and livelihood without negatively affecting its fragile ecology.

Chairing the first Jammu and Kashmir Executive Council meeting to discuss the state action plan on climate change, Chief Secretary re-iterated government policy of sustainable development noting that harnessing sources of clean energy whether hydro power or solar power has been on government focus to meet energy needs along with thrust on improving energy efficiency and minimizing energy wastage.

“Our energy and food needs are increasing hence we need to invest and intervene in a manner that would ensure that our present and future needs are met without depleting, polluting or destroying our fragile Eco system”, he said adding that any action plan should be formulated keeping in mind state’s needs and it’s highly valued albeit fragile environment.

Eco friendly agricultural practices, introduction of diverse crops and patterns, efficient land use pattern and water usage etc are significant towards sustainability and food security of the state, he emphasized adding that the state government is also promoting Eco tourism to minimize carbon foot prints and environment degradation.

He asked concerned agencies to work with Government departments and stake holders to make further improvements in the plan keeping in mind present and future needs. The State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) is being prepared to integrate climate change into the future policy framework of planners.


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