Planet bright as a star



Now the sky is the same and I am the same.

But what happened to me.

I was a butterfly roaming in a garden.

I still have the wings but I am stuck.

I was the one to whom world was forgotten.

But now I am known to the facts which are rotten.

Where did I leave my lifestyle?

Where did I leave my life with the beauty of my hairstyle?


I face my wall and see few colours of all.

Oh! These colours are visible only on the hanging photos on the wall.

I used have a colourful life.

But this time I have one colour to strife.

Where did I leave the great spirit of an adventure?

Where did I leave the spirit of denture?

What have I given to get this small?

I miss myself above all.


I miss myself every day.

This missing increases day by day.





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