Ali, A storyteller

Muhammad Hanief
Muhammad Hanief

Half grown beared with short moustaches,
Red face with a broad smile,
Define Ali,a famous story teller from my village

Batter my heart with blessings,
Ali murmurs rapidly,
In no time,a machine gun roars nearby,
We are scattered,
Ali is lost.

Ali,a famous story teller of my village,
Ali would narrate me stories,
Stories of laila majnu,,Afghanistan war,kashmir intifida etc,
Ali was a expert in rembering and narrating stories.

On that day,we were some 100 men and 50 women,
Surrounded by men with arms,
In a small patch of land;Modaan.

I being his favourite,Ali kept me close always,
This time around,It wasn’t the case,
As is in the crackdowns,no one is safe,
As the machine guns roared,
Ali was lost,
And with this,we lost a storyteller.


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