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Summer Slaughter

In one year, it took Tahir Bhat eight visits to police station Vilgam to attempt getting even the basic information…

Cover Story
Pledging Publicly

When 105 brides and grooms assembled in a city club for taking marriage vows under one roof in mid-July, it…

Cover Story
A Withered Witness

Witness to the ups and downs in Shehr-e-Khas, Siddiq Sodaghar remembers all events between the Nala Mar filling to the…

Cover Story
School of Defection

With assembly active and no government in place, various politicians are attempting to get power and are keenly exploring the…

Cover Story
The FallOut

The BJPDP’s ‘Rainbow Alliance’ that was supposed to mend polar differences in politics; geography and ideology finally witnessed a shockingly…

Cover Story
A Trojan In Hajin

A series of brutal killings by unknown gunmen have frightened the region that was source of scare to most of…

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