SRINAGAR: Fully Funded International Priority Scholarship at University Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia 2024.

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The University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta offers scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programmes.

The duration of these fully funded scholarships varies depending on the programme, with the BIPA course spanning 2 semesters.

The application process should be completed through the official portal, and the deadline to apply for the programme is May 15, 2024.

Tuition fees will be fully covered, with doctoral students supported for up to 6 semesters, master’s programme students for up to 4 semesters, and undergraduate students for up to 8 semesters. Additionally, a monthly living allowance of IDR 1,750,000/- will be provided, along with a book allowance of IDR 50,000/-. Health insurance, airfare, and visa fees will also be covered.

Applicants are required to have completed their previous degree in developing countries with a Muslim majority, achieving excellent marks. Additionally, candidates must possess the necessary expertise in their chosen field of study. Prior exposure in a specific field is advantageous. Furthermore, candidates must ensure that their passport remains valid for at least 18 months from the time of the scholarship application.

The documents required for the scholarship programme include transcripts, degrees, and passport. For further details, visit


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