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Damaras: An Introduction

The Western scholars to whom Kashmir shall perpetually remain indebted for their extensive research on…


A Galwan Story

Galwans’ or Kashmir’s horse-lifters are one of the least studied and controversial tribes that dominated…

Culture The historical Burzhoam. Image: Nitasha KaulThe historical Burzhoam. Image: Nitasha Kaul

Battling Burzhoam

Key to the early settlement of mankind in the Neolithic era, Burzhoam is the world’s…


Srinagar Fires 1892

Kashmir was always interesting and enigmatic. Charles Adolphus Murray, the 7th Earl of Dunmore was…

History Civil Secretariat

Between Red And Green

The right-wingers demolished Sheikh Abdullah’s ‘empire’ by taking their battle – Eak Vidhan, Eak Nishan,…

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