Char-Chinar-Rof-e-Lank-Dal-Lake-near-Hazratbal-ShrineLawmakers committee on the environment has asked the LAWDA to plant two Chinar trees at the famous Char Chinari island in the Dal lake. The spot that has remained historically famous has witnessed drying up of two Chinars. The spot earlier maintained by the Tourism department would now be looked after by LAWDA that has framed a Rs 78 lakh project for its face-lifting. The committee has also directed to revive old Ontie Kadal bridge. The government is already creating a pedestrian walk way on this footpath.


Mehbooba-Mufti-in-Islamabad-selfieIf the selfie greetings are an indication then J&K’s first female Chief Minister may perform well in the just concluding elections for Islamabad. The 33.84% turnout showed a 5% dip from the last elections. Of 28446 electors, 13062 were females. The modest turnout came in the backdrop of separatist campaign for boycott by Hurriyat (g) and JKLF and massive arrests by the police. She may eventually win the seat. But is this election the litmus test of her popularity?


It is Iram Sayar’s maiden visit to Kashmir, her second home. But her experience is so bad that she will never want to visit again. A Rawalpindi girl married Sayar who crossed over to the other Kashmir in 1990s. The couple while returning home, under the rehabilitation policy of 2009, were made to surrender their passport in Nepal. The couple is presently putting up at Nadigam, Shopian. Her crisis is her father who is unwell in Pakistan. He is on the death bed and she is unable to go back. Last time when many such Pakistani’s daughters-in-law faced the Iram moment, they attempted suicide.


The only fortune in the alleged temple desecration of Jammu’s Roopnagar was that the trespasser was a lunatic. Bhaderwah’s Yasir Alfaz was immediately arrested which prevented the tensions from spreading right and left. But to take an extreme measure, apparently to appease its partner BJP, the PDP government had slapped PSA on Yasir. Given the extremity in the decision-making, opposition raked up the issue in the assembly and it was quickly revoked.


Staffers-in-middle-school-Amira-Kadal-have-been-marking-their-attendance-on-a-day-bookAt a time when system is desperate to improve the basic education, schools throw up some interesting stories. Staffers in middle school Amira Kadal have been marking their attendance on a day book meant for keeping records of sales. This has invited the attention of officials. Now the “attendance register” and other issues of teachers conduct is part of a larger enquiry.




Rs 90,97,07,998 is the sum that J&K spent in 3 years to purchase 2315 vehicles


Of Kashmir’s 30237 special children, 24363 are enrolled in government schools


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