GulmargHost to millions of tourists across the globe, Gulmarg is sinking. The health resort has turned unhealthy. Random disposal of tons of waste on the main road sides has turned into a huge garbage dump. It has put threat to the ecology, flora, causing inconvenience to the tourists visiting the place and its adjoining areas. A destination for both in summer and winter and a face to show world, the need arises to protect it as well. Is anybody listening?




In last four years 70 NOCs were issued to buy more than 200 acres of land near high security military installations in Srinagar. The matter is now in CBI’s office in New Delhi as the NOCs were unauthorized, issued by Defense Estate Officer Ajay Chowdhury. Land belonged to defense department and the buyers were private parties. Fraudulently managed deal has a long list of beneficiaries. CBI will soon file its final report as the case has been registered against Chowdhary, his second-in-command Vijay Kumar and a woman officer in the same department.






cbiPolice arrested former Special Police Officer (SPO) turned inter-state smuggler and his associate with heroin worth over Rs 56 crore in the international market from border district of Poonch. Ex-cop Mohd Rafi has played many innings. He was militant first, then turned informer and finally landed in police’s SOG. He was shown door due to his indiscipline and his involvement in some criminal activities. Whatever his character, but Rafi was carrying 54 packets of high quality heroin. Grilling is on and few more arrests are expected.






tourism-in-kashmirFloods deluged Srinagar. Now the discounts are raining for tourists. Officials say it is a measure to revive tourism sector. Besides offering a flat 30 per cent discount, the government is planning to hold series of festivals. Gulmarg again is going to host mega event to welcome 2015 and the intense cold is to be celebrated by having ‘Jashn-e-Chillai Kalaan’. Tourism is an important agenda for all the political parties. Would they be able to get it back on track, it is a matter of time.




waheedWithin few months of its launch, Mirza Waheed’s second novel, The Book of Gold Leaves, has been long listed for a prestigious British literary prize, Folio Prize 2015. UK-based Kashmiri writer Waheed’s Open to English-language fiction from around the world, the Folio prize sets out to “identify works of fiction in which the story being told and the subjects being explored achieve their most perfect and thrilling expression”. British author William Fiennes, who chairs this year’s judging panel, called the list of nominations “both daunting and exhilarating”. The winner will be announced in London on March 23. Waheed, all the best





Srinagar-Demolition-DriveWith just two days left to complete its term of six years, government finally woke up to the public outcry and started a demolition  drive in Srinagar’s ‘posh’ area. Not only residences of some bigwigs including top politician, bureaucrats and police officers in Humhama area of Budgam were hit, but also the gate and the board of the graveyard. Interestingly the politicians were the ones who lost recent election.



J&K Records 66% Participation In 2014 Assembly Polls


The Central government has  transferred Rs 17 crore into the bank accounts of 2440 flood affected persons out of 16264 cases


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