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The state craft has evolved differently in Jammu and Kashmir over the years. This section offers narratives about the various facets of the governance in between various elected governments and the governors.

Running in deficit

The state government has fallen behind in almost all developmental works in all regions making the excuse of unrest, for…

A job nobody wants

Three weeks into New Delhi announcing appointing interlocutors on Kashmir, the government is yet to find a person for the…

Packaged dismay

While the separatists dubbed New Delhi’s eight-point package as an eyewash and bereft of any political initiatives, common man in…

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A law of lawlessness

With debate over revocation of AFSPA getting a lot of media attention, Kashmir Life looks into the law believed to be the source of gross human rights violations in J&K.

Costly handling

The government needs to be sensitive in its handling of the only listed company of the state, and not treat…

Renegade pills

Reports suggest that dreaded pro-government gunmen militia is being revived in Kashmir to counter agitating people. Khursheed Wani reports.


In a surprising move the government has ousted Dr Haseeb Drabu as chairman J&K bank without assigning any reasons. A…

Saroori out, Gul not

R&B minister G M Saroori has been shown the door after his daughter was implicated in examination impersonation case, but chief minister’s advisor Mubarak Gul remains unharmed despite similar allegations. Khurshid Wani reports.

Aiming in the dark

New Delhi has recently hinted at restarting the dialogue with Kashmiri leadership but seems to be clueless as to who…

Not again!

The prime minister has roped in economist C Rangarajan to formulate a “jobs plan” for the youth of J&K. However,…

Order and disorder

Although normal life is paralysed in Kashmir for the last six weeks, with shutdowns choking government functioning, the government looks…

Chased to death

Faizan Buhroo’s death by drowning, allegedly in a commotion caused by police chase is not the only one of its…

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