#Day53: During His India Visit, NRKs Put John Kerry on Notice Over Kashmir



Non-Resident Kashmiris from United States of America have addressed a letter to Secretary of US Department of State John Kerry on the occasion of his visit to India.

NRKs, on behalf of the suffering people of Kashmir, have called upon John Kerry to utilize his authority to convince the Indian government, during his on-going visit to New Delhi, to turn to the path of sanity and thus, maintain the security and stability in the entire South East Asia.

“NRKs have urged that it’s right time for John Kerry to put an end to the violence perpetrated by India in Kashmir – the territory unwillingly occupied for six decades, and fulfil the promise of Self Determination,” read the letter.

“It’s time that Kashmiris be allowed to sort out their own affairs and determine their own future according to their own free will.”

They have requested John Kerry to implore Indian authorities to respect all human rights of the population of Kashmir as stipulated by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

“Among other demands, they have called him to ask India to stop the use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force on all peaceful protesters in Kashmir, stop the use of pellet guns on all protesters as this barbaric acts maims and blinds its targets for life, and stop its forces from committing war crimes like attacking ambulances, propagating violence including tear gas inside hospitals and inflicting violence on all patients, medical staff and attendants”.

They have also sought the repealing of the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) with immediate effect, as demanded by Amnesty International.

“Restore communication links and lift the media blackout in place with immediate effect to allow the world to objectively assess the situation on its own accord. Stop the unending cycles of curfews by removing armed forces from civilian areas and providing respite to the civilian populace by allowing them an opportunity to replenish essential supplies and medicines, and release political prisoners and allow them to hold peaceful protest rallies,” reads the letter.

The letter, they said, would be shared on social media by thousands of Kashmiris from the US.

They have appealed to the NRKs from UK, Europe, Middle-East and other countries to join this campaign and share the letter with the following hashtags #NRKsToUSDOS #NRKs #USDOS on social media sites.

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