Disaster Mismanagement

EARTH-QUICK-DODA-(1)“Indian plate is moving towards Eurasia plate and there is constant sub-duction of Indian plate under Eurasia plate due to which the earthquakes are shaking areas right from Afghanistan to Arunachal Pradesh and Chenab region,” Geological expert Prof RK Ganjoo, who works at Geology Department of Jammu University told Kashmir Life. He said the earthquake shifts its epicenter from one point to another subject to the development of pressure in particular areas. “There might be some pressure building up under the Bhaderwah town due to regular movement of Indian plate towards Eurasia plate, causing frequent earthquakes” Prof Ganjoo said.

“Before arriving at any conclusion, there is a need to study the data of the areas with the help of various geologists so as to understand whether the frequent earthquakes in the area are pre-shocks or post-shocks,” he said. While the experts suggest that the people living in Chenab valley must revisit the old practices while constructing their houses, people are waiting for the government to reach them so that they could restart their lives.

It seems their wait is not going to end soon!


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