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Special Report
In Bits and Coins

The cryptocurrencies are not the legal tender in India but various companies are making big monies in Kashmir, reports Saima…

Eating Dog Food

Punjabi poultry farmers have used politics to retain Kashmir as their main market to sell used layers and parents’ chicks’…

Major Embarrassment

As Kashmir felt vindicated that the counter-insurgency grid has been using civilians as human shields and sought action, Major Leetul…

Special Report
Driven Over

Last week, Kashmir witnessed another harrowing clip of a killing recorded by some citizen journalist. Saima Bhat visited the family…

Ceasefire In Retrospect

As the political parties in the state are readying to approach the centre for a ceasefire to prevent mass recruitment…

New Landmark

It took almost three years from starting investigations to the delivery of the verdict. But as a group of 43…

Rediscovering Noose

The gruesome incident in Kathua in which a minor was kidnapped and brutally gang-raped has pushed the government to issue…

Khudwani Encounter

All the militants escaped but the gun battle left behind razed homes and painful memories. Saqib Mir spent a day…

Model Self Help

A specially-abled man, fought odds to survive but struggled to create a difference for the people rendered imperfect by birth…

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