National Conference Tuesday darted out at PDP for disrespecting martyrs of July 13 1931.

In a statement, Chief Spokesperson National Conference Syed Aga Ruhullah Mehdi castigated Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Syed for his ineptness in establishing the writ of Chief Minister’s chair after BJP ministers chose to skip the July 13 commemoration at Mazaar-e-Shuhada.

“Absence of BJP ministers has shown that it is a party that believes in communal colour even to the blood of martyrs. It has not only hurt the sentiment of people but the very ethos of our history,” said Aga Ruhullah.

Rather than issuing customary statements, he said, Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Syed should have himself taken a lead in seeking action against the errant minsters. “Being the CM of the State, Mufti Syed should have taken a serious note of BJP ministers absence by issuing a notice of clarification. July 13 is a symbol of fight against tyranny and oppression, not just for Kashmir but for the entire humanity.”

It is also a matter of concern and deep anguish that Chief Minister has chosen to maintain criminal silence over this issue and so many other issues. Time and again BJP legislators have shown that for them the Chief command is not in J&K but elsewhere, said Ruhullah.

“Muftis criminal silence on Sopore killings, Ministers over-ruling his orders and the disrespect shown by BJP to martyrs needs to be understood. There is no explanation for it but the fact that PDP has sold its conscience for power. By doing so, Mufti is overtly helping the right-wing parties including BJP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal. He has even gone to the extent of appeasing such forces where he and his colleagues were seen wearing shoes at Mazar-e-Shauda.”

It has never happened in past, no matter who the CM was, that there would be a divided opinion and approach towards paying respect to July 13 martyrs, the spokesperson said.

“Politicians and people, across board, across religion, region and ideology would unite and remember these brave-hearts who stood up for the rights that were not even acknowledged by the regimes then.”


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