Edifice of PDP has crumbled under weight of its own deceit, falsehood: Omar


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Tuesday asserted Art 370, Art 35-A are of utmost importance for safe and secure future of our younger generation, saying that any attack on the special constitutional position of the state will have far-reaching and dire consequences on our coming generations.

NC vice President Omar Abdullah addressing an election rally in Shopian on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Addressing a public meet at circuit house in Shopian, party vice president said, “The much illustrious land to tiller stride made by Sher e Kashmir, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah which made the poor peasantry of our state the rightful owners of the land which they worked upon was only possible due to Art 370, Art 35-A, however any attack on the articles will reverse back the situation to pre 1947 era. Our people would eventually cease to be the rightful owners of their land, they would cease to be the soles beneficiaries of various scholarship programs and jobs offered in the government sector. Therefore the fight we are fighting on roads or in Supreme Court has to be efficiently fought in the country’s highest house, the Lok Sabah. For that purpose, we ought to have a voice representing us who can effectively put forth the case of our state and fight the forces as are hell-bent to destroy our identity. For the same purpose, people of south –Kashmir have to repose their faith in Masoodi Sahib and send him to parliament with a thumping winning margin.  The people of Baramulla parliamentary constituency have already chosen Lone to accompany Dr Farooq to parliament now it is the turn of south Kashmir to elect Masoodi so that he could be a part of a team headed by Dr Farooq in Parliament,” he said.

Party vice president said that the tribal population of the state would also not escape the dire consequences of an attack on the special status of the state. “You won’t be able to draw your sustenance from forests. When we talk of saving Art 370, Art 35-A, we are talking about our future, our very existence. So it is imperative for you to strengthen the hands of NC candidate for Anantnag constituency Justice Masoodi. He has the necessary political acumen to deal with the situation. A legal luminary, he is known for his pronounced judgments on Art 370. He far exceeds other candidates which are in the fray, in terms of his acquaintance with legal aspects of Art 370, Art 35-A,” he said.

Flaying Mehbooba Mufti for shedding crocodile tears on the miseries of people he said, “The election time crocodile tears are political tears whose veracity is under question. Had PDP president and the Ex-Chief minister shed tears when our youth were devoured upon in 2016, it would have had any impact. One may inquire from her as to where she was her concern for people when the people of Kashmir were subjected to worst of human rights violations, killings, blinding and much more. It was during her tenure that people were used as human shield; where her sympathy and empathy was for those who were blinded, bruised during her tenure. People are the good judge of the character of PDP and its stint in power.”

“When enjoying the benefits of power, she had bolted her mouth. People who had voted for her, and reposed their faith in her were dejected by her changed outlook. People still remember how sordidly she mocked the death and misery of hundreds of families who had to shoulder the coffins of their beloved, with her milk and Toffee remarks. People remember how appallingly she had asserted that the guns of security forces aren’t for display but action. She shamelessly stuck to her chair when the youth who had voted for her were being fired at. She didn’t have the gumption to bid goodbye to BJP when scores of our youth, and elderly were blinded and maimed. On the contrary, she barefacedly presided over the relentless miseries of people. How can people forget her treachery and political duplicity? People across the state particularly in Kashmir are bidding goodbye to the PDP’s brand of politics, which is based on duplicity, crude lies and political Shenanigans. Mehbooba is herself admitting the fact that people of the state, in particular, her workers are disgruntled with her. PDP is a spent force, it never was any; the edifice of PDP has stumbled down under the weight of its own deceit and falsehood,” he said.

Omar said that how can people trust her for the protection of Art 370, Art 35-A given the fact she was the one who implemented SARFAESI, NFSA, GST in the state. “What vital was left of our autonomy in terms of fiscal autonomy was also surrounded by PDP before BJP for the lust of power. Today our people are hankering for ration, who is to be blamed for it? Who is to be blamed for the soaring prices of cooking gas and other edibles? Ever single household item ranging from cooking gas to diesel and petrol have become dearer now, who is to be blamed? PDP self-importantly chose to berate, belittle the mandate of people which especially the people of south Kashmir had given her.  It is the south Kashmir which bore the brunt of her deceitful politics. She failed to deliver on every single promise she made during the 2014 election campaign trail.  She deceived the people on Agenda of alliance,” he said.

While reiterating his clarion call of doing away with the PSA from the state he said, “I have taken an undertaking that once in power, my government will bid goodbye to PSA. We will make amends to the wrong committed by former BJP-PDP regime.  The party is privy to the problem of impending KCC loans; we will find means and ways to bring respite to the people in that direction also.”

Omar also said that the development and infrastructure augmentation has been the primary casualty of PDP’s embrace with BJP. “What good was achieved in south Kashmir in terms of infrastructure building was done in my government until 2014. We didn’t saw any vital project coming up in Shopian during the PDP-BJP led coalition government. The mini secretariat, Fruit Mandi all came up during national conference led government. It was during our government that the people saw a headway in increasing road connectivity, building bridges and improvement in power-related infrastructure. However the past four years saw no headway in development-related projects in the state, Shopian being no exception to it,” he said.

Omar in a frontal attack on PM Modi said that his government had bequeathed much peaceful situation to Modi led BJP government. “But the central government led by PM Modi and the state government of which BJP was a part failed to carry forward the momentum of peace, prosperity. On the contrary they destroyed the situation to an extent wherein in they aren’t being able to conduct the assembly election. PM Modi is answerable to the people of country on this issue. Whatever good was achieved by my government was put into a chasm by BJP led central government. The figures of the steep increase in militancy bear my assertions out. The five years of PM Modi led government will be known for its regressive measures vis-à-vis Kashmir,” he said.

Among others party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, senior leader Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, advocate Muhammad Akbar lone,  Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi, Dr Muhammad Shafi, Shabir Ahmad Kullay, Nisar Ahmad Nisar, Rafiq Khan, Ahsan ul Haq shah,  Rafiq Ahmad Shah also addressed the people and sought support for party’s candidate for Anantnag parliamentary constituency Hassnain Masoodi.


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