Terming the lowest percentage of votes in Srinagar parliamentary constituency as defeat of India’s stand on Kashmir, AIP has asked New Delhi to read writing on the wall and show its willingness to give people of J&K right to self-determination.

In a statement, MLA Langate Er Rasheed said. “If New Delhi had been claiming the huge participation in all elections including those for Panchayats, Parliament and state assembly, held during past decades, as vindication of its stand on Kashmir, then it should show the moral character and courage to confess the lowest turnout in Srinagar parliamentary constituency as defeat of its stand on Kashmir.”

Lawmaker from Langate said “low or high participation in various elections has nothing to do with the internationally recognised dispute, but it is New Delhi which has often misled the world community by calming conducting successful elections as its victory.”

“In fact for the want of genuine arguments, New Delhi has been co-relating elections with Kashmir issue. However no elections irrespective of turnover can never ever replace the significance of UN resolutions. Boycott by masses to today’s by pole is a slap on New Delhi’s arrogant behaviour and also enough evidence to expose so called national media for its lies to defame people of J&K”.

Er Rasheed added that people showed enough maturity by not participating in the elections which not only New Delhi but the political parties participating in these elections had planned to mis-lead world community regarding the political dispute of J&K.

He also expressed grief, anger and anguish over the loss of precious lives during the incidents related to polling in Budgam district and added that use of brutal force by men in uniform was just to show venom of the state towards the people for not participating in these elections held under atmosphere of state terrorism.


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