From Australia, a Kashmiri youth joined ISIS: CM

KL Report


The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, on Tuesday revealed that a Kashmir youth has reportedly joined powerful “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” group (ISIS) from Australia.

“Heard that a Kashmiri youth from Australia has joined ISIS,” the CM told reporters after inaugurating a rehabilitation complex in Jehangir Chowk area. He, however, didn’t identify the youth.

The revelation by Chief Minister came after “ISIS flags” became common sight during anti-Israel and anti-India demonstrations and clashes in Old City and Civil Lines of Srinagar since July 11, this year.

The CM, however, said no youth from Kashmir so far has joined the group.

“According to my knowledge, so far no one from Kashmir has joined the group or gone to Syria or Iraq. There are no such inputs.”

The ISIS, now known as “Islamic State” (IS) has seized large swathes of land in Syria and Iraq and announced Caliphate with its leader Abu Bakr-Al-Baghdadi as “Caliph”.

According to reports, fighters from Europe, Australia and even India have travelled to Syria to join the ISIS – which is an Al Qaeda inspired group. (GNS)


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