SRINAGAR: Nasir Aslam Wani Sogami, the Provincial President of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, voiced his concerns on Saturday, stating, “The power situation in Kashmir has reached an alarming low, with residents enduring 8 to 10 hours of outages daily. This contradicts the administration’s claims of 24×7 power supply in metered areas. Despite significant tariff collections, the government is failing to provide the promised uninterrupted power, leaving consumers high and dry.”

“As winter sets in, the valley plunges into darkness, exacerbating the challenges faced by residents. The civil administration seems to have abandoned the people, who are now left to fend for themselves. Students, in particular, bear the brunt, dealing with inadequate power supply during crucial exam periods,” Nasir expressed, highlighting the dire situation.

Nasir criticised the irregular load shedding schedule, stating, “Many areas are grappling with day-long power cuts, a departure from the usual power distribution scenario in Kashmir. The diminishing governance in the region, coinciding with the abrogation of the state’s unique status, has worsened the power crisis.”

“The power shortages stem from a range of factors, including inadequate infrastructure, transmission losses, and the growing population’s increased energy consumption. Unfortunately, the government has done little to address these issues since 2014. Furthermore, the failure to tap into alternative resources like gas turbines and coal power plants adds to the worries of the people,” Nasir emphasised, underscoring the lack of governmental action.

In response to the power deficit, Nasir urged fellow citizens, stating, “It’s high time for the government to take substantial steps to improve the power infrastructure and explore alternative resources. The current situation is unacceptable, and the government needs to prioritize the well-being of its citizens.”


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