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Hurriyat  (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani while reacting to the governments internet ban order blamed state authorities for  “pushing people to stone age.”

Octogenarian leader said that “it is one more ploy to cover up the atrocities inflicted by government forces.”

Lashing at state authorities, Geelani  criticized restrictions on access to social media sites saying that “it is one more act of  state sponsored  terrorism.”

Commenting over the communication blockade , Geelani said, “there is no justification to deny access to social media and it tantamount to denial of fundamental rights.”

Ridiculing state authorities for their “lame excuse,” wherein they attributed the prevailing volatile situation with social media, Geelani said “instead of addressing the basic cause of political uncertainty in state they are entangled with  issues of no importance     and off shoots arising out of that.”

“Deteriorating situations are there since Indian forces occupied our state and for last 70 years’ people are yearning for their right to freedom. It is a lame excuse to attribute present turbulence with social media,” he said.

“How come ban on internet will bring peace to state. It won’t help you and the only option left is to ascertain the people’s aspiration and these patchworks, cosmetic approach and restricting access to social media will prove counterproductive,” he added.

Commenting over prevailing situations, Geelani said that in recent past we had no network sites but still the state was on boil because of denying basic rights and for political uncertainty.

Blaming forces for their highhandedness, Geelani said that “after thrashing a student and using a youth as human shield, forces uploaded these video clips on social media. The forces are creating all the mess and they need to be restricted and held responsible for creating chaos.”

Hurriyat chairman in his appeal to international human rights organizations asked to intervene and take cognizance of social media bane in state.


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