MPs of 2014 were mute spectators in Parliament: Altaf Bukhari

SRINAGAR: Terming the upcoming parliament and assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir as one of the crucial elections, former Finance Minister Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Friday said these elections would likely pose a serious challenge for the special status of the State and to its inclusive political culture, Bukhari’s spokesman said.

Bukhari was addressing workers’ convention at his private office in Srnagar.

Workers of Syed Altaf Bukhari at his convention in Srinagar on March 22, 2019.

The former minister observed that people of the state particularly that of the Kashmir valley, have not forgotten that they were asked for votes in lieu of a ‘mandate for a mission’.

“People have not even forgotten being promised to ‘make the parliament a forum for representing the Kashmir issue at the national level’. But what they did in the Parliament later?” Bukhari asked, adding, “Analyze their attendance and performance on internet and you will witness their dismal track record of attending and intervening in the House. They have simply been mute spectators in the Parliament and wasted the mandate of people.”

Bukhari remarked that people need to elect their representatives after proper application of mind and wisdom. “While we need to show a united face and defeat the nefarious designs of some divisive political forces, at the same time we need to strengthen the hands of the leadership that has the courage to call a spade a spade.”

Bukhari opined that the electorate of Jammu and Kashmir especially in the valley must decide whether they want to go with the forces who berated and bartered their mandate for their petty political gains or the forces who can safeguard their interests and the special identity of the State.

He said a drastic electoral division or fragmented vote will not be in the interests of people as the same can give a hegemonic control over all state institutions, as well as the public discourse in the hands of forces who are inimical to the identity of this state.

The former minister also stressed on a need for creating a conducive and peaceful atmosphere for holding elections saying that political activities cannot fetch a desired change in an atmosphere of mass arrests, raids, civilian harassment and custodial killings.

“Although almost all the mainstream political parties have condemned the recent custodial killing of the school teacher but mere words cannot heal the wounds of that family. The probe in this incident needs to be conducted in a transparent and time bound manner so that the culprits are booked as per law,” Bukhari reiterated his demand.

He said it is unfortunate the entire Kashmir especially its Southern area had to bear the brunt of colossal betrayal of the public mandate. “Today the south Kashmir presents a deserted look. Almost every family has suffered a brunt of the conflict.  And the responsibility of this situation solely lies on those who promised them moon and in return offered them pellets,” he remarked.

The convention that was attended by prominent workers of Amirakadal assembly constituency demanded a door-to-door to visit by Bukhari to assess and evaluate their future developmental needs and remedial plans to address them accordingly.


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