Sonmarg Development Authority Earns Crores But Defaults in Paying Its Power Dues


SRINAGAR: Sonmarg Development Authority (SDA) which earns crores and has multiple sources of income is a major defaulter and has not paid a whooping amount of more than Rs 50 lacs power tariff to the Power Development Department.

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The negligent attitude of the SDA has frustrated those who have secured contracts for SDA properties in the Sonmarg tourist resort.

Quoting Reliable sources, news agency KNT that SDA earns millions by outsourcing resorts, parks, and cafeterias owned by it. Recently, it outsourced Shutkadi toll post for Rs 1 crore 54 lacs.

An official from the Power Development Department said that the department disconnected the power supply to Hung Camping Park in 2019 after the SDA failed to pay a power tariff to the tune of nearly Rs 20 lacs. He said similarly, a cafeteria cum restaurant owned by SDA has power dues pending to the tune of over Rs 32 lacs.

The official in response to a question admitted that the Power Department shows leniency when it comes to any government department and adopts a harsh approach to exact power dues from the general public.

Hung Camping Park in Sonmarg which has been allotted to a hotelier said he incurs great losses due to the non-availability of electricity. “We requested SDA many times to maintain this Camping Park and restore electricity, but our pleas have gone to deaf ears. Recently, we procured camping items worth Rs one crore. We have yet to start our operations as there is no electricity,” he said adding that they paid a huge amount in securing the allotment of the park.

Efforts to contact the SDA Chief Executive Officer didn’t materialize.(KNT).


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