Srinagar Million March: Bar Condemns Arrest of Geelani



J&K High Court Bar Association strongly condemned arrest of Syed Ali Geelani, outside his house and thereafter his detention at Police Station Humhama when he attempted today to proceed to TRC Srinagar to attend the ‘Million March’ program.

“The Bar Association feels that by rounding up all migrant Bihari labourers, from almost all the localities of Srinagar and forcing them to proceed to SK stadium to attend the Narendra Modi’s rally and by ensuring the presence of all casual and daily rated workers, SPOs etc in the said rally and even by importing people from outside Srinagar in busses and trucks to the venue and also by arresting about 500 pro-freedom leaders, their workers and sympathizers, one week ahead of Narendra Modi’s visit to Kashmir and by lodging them in different police stations to make Syed Ali Geelani’s Million March programme impossible, the government and its agencies have only made a mockery of themselves and have also brought the so called slogan of democracy of Insaaniyat of Atal Bihari Vajpayee to disrepute and have further lowered down their image in the estimation of peace loving people of the world,” the statement said.

“The Bar Association once again reiterates that Kashmiri people have not given the sacrifices of about a million of people from 1947 till date for any pity gains or packages, but for the achievement of Right of Self Determination and the Indian leaders by announcing different packages, are therefore, only befooling  themselves. It is high time for Indian government and its leaders that they understand the ground realties of Kashmir and fulfil the promise, which they have made both inside and outside the Parliament and also at the International Fora with the people of Kashmir, so that peace and tranquillity is established in the sub-continent and the people are saved from the hollow cast of a war between two nuclear countries, which is hovering over their head for decades together,” the statement added.

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