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Bonhomie Beyond Home

Kashmiris living in North America had their third community gathering in Los Angles. Sumaya Teli…


Kashmir in America

The second generation of around a 1000 Kashmiri American families feel more closer to their ancestral land and are making small efforts in their own way to help alleviate sufferings of their brethren. A Kashmir Life report.


Heard in the high offices

M Farooq Kathwari roped in diplomats, academics and intellectuals to study Kashmir and suggest ways to bring honourable peace to the strife-torn paradise. A Kashmir Life report.


Woman on Ground Zero

The efforts to build a mosque near 9/11 site has raised a controversy in the US. The endeavour has a Kashmir connection apart from the rage that the state witnessed after a pastor proposed to desecrate Quran to protest the construction of the mosque.  A Kashmir Life report.

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