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Sounds of Pain

TARIQUE A BHAT What just happened? Who saw what? Was it really not what it…

OP-ED Shehla Rashid

Juvenile Injustice

In November, 2011, the Asian Centre for Human Rights released a report titled “Juveniles of…

OP-ED Dr. Showkat Hussain

New Way Forward

The epoch of 20th century has ended with new-fangled dynamism in Islamic intellectualism. The imprint…

OP-ED Sameer Bhat

We, the 93 Percent

In many’s looks, the false heart’s historyIs writ in moods, and frowns, and wrinkles strange…


A New ‘Messiah’

SHEIKH QAYOOM The union home minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde’s statement that he would try and…

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