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Cops and locals clearing mud in the cloudburst hit upper Shopian areas

The district administration and police have been working hard to restore order in cloudburst last late night. There has been no casualty.

Reports and witnesses said that District Commssioner Shopian along with Superintendent of Police for Shopian reached Heerpora, Sedow area Friday-Saturday midnight and oversaw rescue operation in the area.

Atleast 11 and 4 families were rescued in Heepora village and Sedow village, respectively by the efforts of the administration and locals of adjoining areas.

The area was hit by high intensity cloudburst Friday late night around 11pm.

Locals told Kashmir Life that Nallah passes through Sedow which added to the damages caused by the cloydburst. “The Nallah has no definite embankments due to which water flows easily into adjacent land,” a local said.

The locals alleged that they had been demanding proper bund system which was denied till date. “Proper Bunds would have lessen the damages.”

Heerpora, Sedow and Gurwatan areas are famous for production of Potatoes. The high quality potatoes of the area are exported to outer J&K as well.

“The cloudburst has caused huge damage to potatoe fields as the high speed flowing of water resulted in soil erosion ion the area,” an elderly said. “it will take a decade to get back that quality sil now.”

However, the locals were appreciative of the timely efforts of DC and SP, personally. “SP Altaf Khan, DC Gh Mohammad Dar, were here up to 2 in the midnight,” a local informed. “The tragedy had befallen us but they were on toes helping restore the order here.”


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