After Chandrayaan 3 Success, JK Businessman Buys Land on Moon


SRINAGAR: In a move closely following the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon on August 23, Jammu-based businessman and educationist, Rupesh Masson, 49, made an intriguing purchase on August 25 – land on the Moon.

Masson, who also serves as the regional director of UCMAS for Jammu and Kashmir and Leh, while speaking to Hindustan Times announced that he had acquired land at a specific lunar location known as “Lacus Felicitatis” or the “Lake of Happiness,” situated in Luna Earth’s Moon, Tract 55-Parcel 10772.

He shared the details of his celestial acquisition, stating, “I purchased the land from The Lunar Registry in New York City, and it was officially certified on August 25.”

Reflecting on the significance of this unconventional investment, Masson remarked, “The concept of staking a claim on lunar territory symbolizes humanity’s innate curiosity to explore the unknown, which, in essence, mirrors our continuous quest for deeper understanding of ourselves.”

In his view, as per Hindustan Times, owning a piece of land on the Moon could serve as either a symbol of hope for a future yet to be realised or as an economically feasible escape plan for those concerned about climate change’s impact on Earth.

He elaborated, “By establishing a tangible connection with an alternative future, such a purchase fulfills the desire for a semblance of preparedness in the face of an uncertain future.”

Masson pointed out that he is not alone in this celestial endeavor, as approximately 675 celebrities and even three former United States Presidents also possess extraterrestrial land holdings, making it a unique trend in today’s world.


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