SRINAGAR: The Amarnath Yatra witnessed a record-breaking number of over three lakh pilgrims visiting the Holy Cave within just twenty-one days, a significant increase compared to the previous year’s figures at the same time.

On Friday, an additional 13,797 yatris performed darshan, bringing the total number to 3,07,354.

This surge in pilgrim numbers can be attributed to the government’s efforts in improving the infrastructure and allied services. They have developed electricity, health, road, sanitation, and trek facilities, along with transportation services such as road transport, helipad service, and Pony services. Around thirty government departments collaborated to ensure seamless facilities for the pilgrims.

Enhanced amenities, including accommodation, food, water, healthcare, and Pony services, received a positive response from the devotees, encouraging more people to undertake the Amarnath Yatra this year. The government utilized available resources to ensure a stress-free and comfortable pilgrimage experience.

To enhance the pilgrimage experience, the government also illuminated the twin axes of Pahalgam and Baltal from the base camps to the Holy Cave, allowing yatris to continue the journey during evening hours.

To bolster allied infrastructure, the government constructed two State-of-Art 100-bedded hospitals for yatris and others associated with the pilgrimage. Expert health teams manned each camp, providing medical assistance and advice to hundreds of yatris daily.

Given the increasing number of yatris, the government ensured transportation facilities from Jammu to the base camps in Kashmir, and helipad services were also made available for those interested.

To maintain effective crowd control and management, the government established an Integrated Command & Control Centre integrated with RFID technology. This real-time data-based system helped avoid traffic jams and ensured coordination among all stakeholders.

The government takes pride in serving yatris with all available resources, making their experience smooth and fulfilling. The yatris were impressed with the well-organized facilities and management during their pilgrimage and expressed gratitude to the administration, security agencies, service providers, and the local population for their warm hospitality.

This year’s Amarnath Yatra has attracted not only citizens of India but also foreigners. Tourists from the USA, Ukraine, Nepal, and Malaysia were among those who paid obeisance at the Holy Cave, appreciating the organized arrangements and facilities provided by the government.

The Divisional News Room, along with the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir and the Department of Information & Public Relations, worked together to disseminate information about the available facilities and the satisfaction of the pilgrims. (KNS)


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