Best Gaming Apps to Have on Your Phone

Sure, gaming on XBox or PlayStation is unmatchable by anything on your phone. But it’s also true that it is your mobile device or tablet that goes with you anywhere you go (yes, even to the loo for most of us). So it makes sense for people who enjoy gaming to have a select few gaming apps on their smartphones. Let’s not forget – mobile apps are the future, looking at the rate of their growing popularity. 

Nothing passes time quite like a game on your phone. Remember, we used to spend (literal) hours playing “Snakes” on our ancient, not-so-smart Nokia phones. Here, we have a list of the different types of gaming apps that you should download, if you are looking to play games on your phone. 

1. Multiplayer Action Game App

Multiplayer gaming apps like Call of Duty are extremely fun and actually quite popular. The hype around these war-scenario or sniper video games is legitimate and not entirely exaggerated. If you enjoy action games and playing with other players online, then this is one type of gaming app you need to have on your phone.

2. Puzzle Game Apps

Puzzle game apps such as the legendary Candy Crush Saga are a must-have on your phone, especially for people who have a long commute to work on a daily basis. Did you know that, if played in moderation, match puzzle games actually benefit your cognitive skills and increase dopamine levels in your brain? 

3. Delightful Destruction Game Apps

Destruction (the harmless kind) games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja are hugely popular because they provide people with an outlet for abstract, distraction-free mental rest. Multiple studies have shown that playing a game like Angry Birds can help players become more focused, patient, and perseverent. Games like Fruit Ninja also help with overall cognitive development of people who play the game in moderation. 

4. Real Money Gaming Apps

Any gaming app that requires you to do a monetary transaction and lets you win cash is a real money gaming app. These include sports betting apps, fantasy gaming apps, and casino apps. They also include games of skill apps such as Poker or Rummy apps. Recreational betting was never this easy and convenient. You can now play online casino games on the go and bring the adrenaline rush of sports betting to your very fingertips with these gaming apps!

5. Virtual Board Game Apps

Now you can relive your childhood and play board games on your phone with virtual gaming apps such as Ludo, Scrabble, or Monopoly apps. These games are so steeped in nostalgia that they are sure to uplift your mood and refresh your energy when played once in a while so having them on your phone is a good idea. 

6. Interior Design Apps

Interior design game apps are not only fun but also boost your creativity. Get your creative juices flowing and design your dream home on one of the many design game apps available on the AppStore or Google Playstore. Some design game apps even let you draw up your own floor plan, which means you can actually redesign your actual home on the app!


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