Budget 2011-12: Inclusive Development


MacdamThe concerns of inclusive development always figure upper most in all my annual budgetary exercises. The government is committed to the balanced growth of all regions and sub-regions of the State. Apart from the budgetary allocations proposed by me, special funds will become available as per the recommendations of the Task Forces appointed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister for Jammu and Ladakh.

A provision of Rs 146 crore has been proposed for annual plans of Leh and Kargil districts. Rs 100 crore have been proposed as State share under the Border Area Development Programme to meet the special needs of remote and inaccessible areas on borders. In addition to this, special package is being worked out to address unique developmental needs of other backward areas and bad-pockets.

The report of the State Finance Commission has been received by the government and is presently under examination.  Holding of elections to the Urban Local Bodies and Panchayats  which are on the anvil and further strengthening of the local self governance shall be the hallmark of the future development charter of the government. In the meanwhile, a provision of Rs 24 crore is being kept in the next year’s plan for providing basic amenities in the two Municipal Corporations and 82 Municipal Committees.

I had announced 50% financial support to the medical insurance cover for the Kashmiri migrants in my budget speech of August, 2009. I am providing an allocation of Rs 8 crore during the next financial year for this purpose. A sum of Rs140 crore is being kept as provision for salary of the migrant employees. All the 5,242 two room tenements are expected to be completed soon. An allocation of           Rs 384 crore is available in the current year and a provision of Rs 94 crore is proposed in the next year’s budget to meet the requirements in this behalf.

Inclusive development of all weaker sections of the society namely the scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes and all other backward classes including the Pahari speaking people shall continue to be the focus of our future development strategy. In order to focus on the development needs of the farmers, the Scheduled castes, the Gujjars and Bakerwals, the Pahari speaking people, the government has constituted State Advisory Boards under the Chairmanship of Honourable Chief Minister. These Boards are effectively focusing on the socio-economic needs of the respective segments of our society.

The State Commission for Women and the Women Development Corporation have been further activised. The State Women Development Corporation has organized 109 Awareness camps ending January, 2011, in addition to several exhibitions, workshops and conferences. The State Women Commission has organized Workshops on the subject of gender budgeting to sensitize the government officers at various levels and institutions on the specific needs of the women folk in our society. The financial allocation of the Women Development Corporation for the next year is proposed at Rs 22 crore.

The government has sanctioned 28,577 Anganwari centers upto Phase III. The number of Anganwari Centres made functional so far is 24,926. The government proposes to introduce a pilot scheme of procurement of local food items for conversion into nutritious meals for the children of these Anganwari Centres located in remote and in-accessible areas.

Gender Budgeting

I have been actively encouraging adoption of the process of gender budgeting by all government departments. The government has set-up gender budgeting cells in some of the Secretariat Departments as well. As a result of these continuous efforts of the government, several activities have been taken up for the exclusive benefits to women. I have given their details in the Annual Financial Statements.

Beti Anmol

IMG_6912Our daughters are makers of the future of our society. It is our bounden duty to ensure that they do not lag behind in receiving secondary and higher education.  With a view to deal with the problem of gender gap in secondary education,  I announce a new initiative- Beti-Anmol, from the next financial year. Under the proposed scheme the girl students who pass the matriculation examination and get themselves enrolled in the eleventh class, shall be given incentive in the shape of a bank deposit amount of Rs 5000 which shall be encashable by them on passing their 10+2 examination. To start with, this scheme shall apply in the 97 identified Educationally Backward Blocks, for the girl students belonging to the families living Below Poverty Line.


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