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Taken For A Ride

After 2010 summer protests government of India tailor made a scholarship programme for Kashmiri students to keep them away from…

Smells Good

Three men saved Kashmir’s lone drugs research laboratory from becoming history. Recently vacated by CRPF after 25 years the centre…

Mission Commercialised

Running from government leased land, ‘charitable mission’ schools in Srinagar charge huge amount from students in the name of education.…

Public Affairs A woman lamenting her lost son
Probing the probes

Ever since the conflict erupted, successive governments have launched a number of probes to investigate various cases of human rights…

Public Affairs
Too little, too late

As the government works on the restoration of Kalai of the heritage Naagar Nagar city experts say it is being done in a flawed manner and may not bring the desired results. . Junaid Nabi Bazaz  reports.

Public Affairs
Cyclone 2012

Apparently there are no records to make a comparison in Kashmir’s recent weather history.  But the 30-hours windstorm did prick…

Hitting The Roof

After hiking power tariff by 139 percent in the last five years, the PDD has proposed to raise tariffs by…

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