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Detailed narratives about the diversity of religions and practices. This section has exhaustive reportage on the evolution and history of faiths and their interaction with the politics and the governance of the place.

A knot of faith

Their firm belief that wishes are granted at shrines takes the form of a unique ritual. Devotees tie votives for…

Passing the body on

A Muslim undertaker Muhammad Yaseen Dar performed the last rites for Pandits at Batamloo crematory for almost a decade. Dar…

Those who stayed back

As New Delhi woos migrant Kashmiri Pandits back to Valley with financial packages,  those who stayed back through turbulent years …

Kashmir’s Grave World

Death doesn’t mean an end. There is an elaborate system of social stratification involving the burials that is an economy…

Ramadhan turnover

As prayers and penance take a priority in the holy month of fasting, the business too doesn’t take a backseat.…

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