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Syed Ali Geelani File Photo(Bilal Bahadur)
Syed Ali Geelani

All Parties Hurriyat Conference chief Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said the statement speech made by Foreign Minister Ms Sushma Swaraj in United Nations General Assembly was “full of lies, deceit, arrogance and persistent denial” of basic and ground realities.

“We are neither surprised nor did we expect anything substantial to be delivered there. Because most people under the toxic influence of power and might, fail to retain their mental balance. It is due to this arrogant mind-set that India prefers to be in denial mode since the tragedy of Kashmir was born in 1947,” Geelani said in a statement issued this evening.

“Claiming to be the largest democracy with multi-cultural society and a fast growing economic hub, it can’t dare to accept the bare and internationally recognized issue, not because they are not in know of the fact, but only because they have fed their majority vote bank with this false and baseless rhetoric of Atoot Ang for the last 70 years and for the fear of losing power they continue to poison their minds,” the Hurriyat patriarch said.

“Lies even repeated for centuries and by the whole world they still remain lies. Even India, preferring to remain in the denial mode, they may retain their ministerial berths, but common masses will suffer due to their falsehood,” he said.

The Hurriyat Conference chief said that it was “expected from India to be in the cocoon of its lies, but we were really surprised that this blunt lie and utter deviation from the universally accepted and recognized issue was softly and quietly tolerated, without causing any repels in the conscious and commitment of those sitting and listening in this august house. They very well knew that more than a dozen resolutions presently lying in this office clearly and loudly contradict the gentle lady delivering the sermon on the podium, but nobody dared to object her on the basis of historical facts accepted by her own leadership in the past at this house, just because they don’t want to sever ties with the so-called world’s largest democracy. By doing so, India has not only once again rubbed salt on our wounds, but has put a big question mark on the authenticity and effectiveness of this world forum whose relevance and authority has already faded from past few decades.”

Commenting on the mention of Balochistan in the Swaraj’s address, Geelani said, “for their petty domestic power politics and age old Pakistan hatred running in their blood, Indian leaders pretend to feel the pain and agony of the inhabitants of the sovereign neighbouring country thousands of miles away, but hauls her neck in sand and plugs its ears when it comes to the cries and veils of the people of Jammu and Kashmir being crushed and slaughtered by its brute army. India as always labels our freedom struggle as cross-border terrorism and tears away its historical, legal and humanitarian sheen. Even today’s uprising is completing its third month with people courageously and honestly demanding their basic right peacefully and non-violently, but Indian trigger happy forces have still resorted to killings and maiming them.”

He said that had “Indian Foreign Minister expressed her sorrow and grief on our civilian killings along with beating her chest for 18 armed personnel killed in URI incident, she would have stood a little ground to stone others”.

“But they have always branded the inhabitants of ‘Integral part’ as anti-Indian and drawn pleasure in massacring them,” he added.

Geelani further said that “instead of reaching out to the ‘affected’ in Balochistan, India should introspect and first set their own house right, where, from Gujarat to Muzaffarnagar, Ayodia to Mumbai and Delhi to Kashmir there is blood and flesh of minorities especially Muslims scattered everywhere and cries of humanity are loud and clear to be heard by everyone. Here people are butchered in the name of religion, national security, cow vigilantes and love jihad, and the perpetrators are being encouraged and patted by none other than those delivering sermons on human rights of others.”

The Hurriyat Conference chief reiterated his stand that “we will neither be cowed down by the persistent stubborn attitude of India nor will we succumb to its brute force as our struggle is backed by the blood of six lakh martyrs and we will safeguard these sacrifices and fight the oppression till freedom is achieved”.


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