Scoreenshot of www.kashmirreader.com downloaded on Oct 3rd @ 1:15PM.
Screenshot of www.kashmirreader.com downloaded on Oct 3rd @ 1:15PM.

Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir Monday vehemently condemned the ban on a newspaper daily, Kashmir Reader.

Jama’at termed the ban as “undemocratic and atrocious”.

“It is extremely unfortunate that at one side media across the globe is treated as ‘fourth pillar’ of democracy but within the peripheries of Jammu and Kashmir the rights of media are being muzzled and trampled in every respect and speaking on behalf of oppressed and hapless Kashmiris, media is particularly on target,” JeI said in a statement issued this afternoon.

Praising the role of local media, Jama’at said, “when Indian media outlets were busy in defaming on-going peaceful movement in the attire of ‘terrorism’, it was local media men who worked tirelessly and without caring for their own lives, they put forth the truth and reality before world.”

Castigating present dispensation on “atrocious” behaviour upon “defenceless” Kashmiris, Jama’at said, “government has come with a well-thought design to muzzle those who prefer to talk and speak right and remain to side with helpless.”

Jama’at condemned the government move to ban Kashmir Reader and termed it “undemocratic and unjustified”. It, however, urged authorities to lift the ban “with no delay”.

The Jama’at also urged international bodies to take strong notice of “rights violation upon Kashmiris and come to fore for their security”.


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