FCIK Demands Revocation For Cancellation And Eviction Process Of Industrial Land

SRINAGAR: FCIK Administrative Council held a meeting and had taken strong note for the cancellation and eviction process of the allotted Industrial plots in the Jammu and Kashmir.

FCIK in a statement said that the Industrial Sector in Kashmir have gone through the tough time since last decade where the series of unprecedented events has taken place which has jolted the industrial sector.

The government should note that unconducive atmosphere has made the Reserve bank of India (RBI) to introduce the Rehabilitation and restructuring schemes for the business community five times since 2014 after floods, unrest and twin Covid Lokdown. The enterprises have dried up their capital by paying off towards their establishment cost during the lockdowns.

On the other hand the UT government is issuing such orders which are against principle slogans for promotion of Industrial sector by government. Administrative Council Members present in the meeting expressed serious concern in respect of Govt order 233-Ind of 2021 dated 22-11-2021 issued by the Industries and Commerce Department for the nomination of General Manager, JKSIDCO, Jammu and Kashmir Division as Member for eviction process with regard to cancellation of lease deed and eviction of allottees in Industrial Estates Managed by Jammu and Kashmir SIDCO.

It is unjustified to cancel the lease deeds of such closed units which are having Permanent Registration with Industries Department closed since last few years due to unforeseen circumstances. The constraints faced by units are non- availability of supply orders, Change of constitution, financial constraints, transfer to legal heirs on death of the promoters etc.

FCIK referred to the Govt Order No.214-IND of 2021 dated 02-11-2021 for the constitution of Sub-Committee for examining the proposal for the grant of extension in the validity of provisional registration in respect of units which were provisionally registered prior to the notification of Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Policy 2021-30 in accordance with the directions issued in the meeting of 47th Apex Project Clearance Committee held on 02-09-2021 with the directions to submit the report and to be followed by the 48 th APCC scheduled on 8.12.2021.

The renewal cases of provisional registration of Industrial units, who has already taken effective steps in respect of installation of machinery, construction of factory building and placed orders for the machinery, are now awaiting the approval of the Apex Committee.

The government should allow and facilitate the existing disinterested & tired entrepreneurs to transfer their units to new breed of entrepreneurs with fresh blood and mind. Further, provide an exit route to the sick unit by allowing transfer of its ownership/lease hold rights to another entrepreneur if the revival Jammu and Kashmir; rehabilitation is not possible.

FCIK has demanded that the eviction order should be immediately kept in abeyance and government should look into the problems of such units; redressal of same.


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