SRINAGAR: With the parliamentary election in Srinagar Parliament seat just around the corner, the election fervor reaches new heights as the political parties particularly National Conference (NC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Jammu Kashmir Apni Party lead the charge with massive rallies and road shows across the parliamentary constituency.

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Against the backdrop of colorful banners and enthusiastic supporters, the voter’s of Budgam echo a unified sentiment – a vote for development, quality education, and an end to unemployment.

Local residents of Budgam district have made their priorities clear, emphasizing the critical need for initiatives that foster growth and prosperity.

“We want leaders who will prioritize development projects, ensure access to quality education for our children, and address the pressing issue of unemployment,” states Danish, a first time voter from Budgam.

As candidates vie for attention and support, the voters remain steadfast in their demand for tangible solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

The electorate of Budgam stands poised to make their voices heard. As political parties intensify their efforts to win over voters, the focus remains squarely on the issues that matter most to the people.

During the campaigning, National Conference’s candidate has been claiming that they are contesting elections with the aim of mobilizing the political space, which was not provided in the last five years while PDP’s Waheed Parra emphasized the need to overcome fear and mobilize citizens to vote for change.

In the last couple of days, Budgam has witnessed a flurry of campaigning activities as candidates make their final appeals to the electorate.

In the ongoing race, both the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party are leading the charge with rallies and road shows. Additionally, the Apni Party, DPAP, and various independent candidates have been observed canvassing for votes.

“The outcome of this election will not only determine the representation of Budgam in the Parliament but also shape the trajectory of development and progress in district for years to come; everyone should participate actively in voting and vote wisely so that the best candidate can reach to the parliament,” said Abdul Rashid, a local resident.(KNO)


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