SRINAGAR: The Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) has published the final shortlist of candidates for the Registrar position, with interviews scheduled in the near futur

The Registrar position was advertised in July, and the preliminary screening report in October prompted candidates with document discrepancies to rectify them.

In the Revised Screening Report on the IUST website dated November 14, seven out of nine applicants have been deemed eligible.

IUST Awantipora

One applicant, Maroof Naeem Qadri from Kashmir University, is provisionally eligible pending resolution of the controversy surrounding his EMBA IT degree from IGNOU.

IUST stated that Qadri’s selection is contingent upon establishing equivalence between his Executive MBA (IT Management) degree and a regular PG degree by National Regulatory Bodies (UGC/AICTE etc.).

Another applicant is also ineligible due to a lack of experience at the required pay level.

It is worth noting that Kashmir University has written to the UGC regarding the equivalence of Qadri’s EMBA IT degree, which is under scrutiny.

Qadri’s degree duration is 18 months, while a regular PG degree, valid as per UGC, requires two years. There is an ongoing demand at KU for an investigation into Qadri’s academic credentials, particularly his EMBA IT degree, impacting the validity of his PhD from KU’s Department of Computer Sciences.

The eligible candidates at IUST include Dr Abdul Rouf Khan, Dr Parvez Ahmad Mir, Dr Ashfaq Ahmed, Dr Abdul Wahid, Prof Syed Kaiser Bukhari, Dr Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad, and Col Rajesh Kumar Rao. IUST announced that interview dates will be communicated to the candidates soon. (KNO)


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