A young boy who has not entered teens yet has made a miniature JCB which works sole on pressure created by water. The small village boy, Danish, wants to be an innovator, at least that is what he has dreamed all his life of 12 years. Muheet ul Islam reports.

A small boy in a small sleepy village of Palpora in Pattan area of Baramulla district is so very unique among the 2000 inhabitants of the village.

Though the 12 year-old, Danish Ahmad Sheikh, is one among the 20 odd students in his class in the nearby school, Little Buds, his curiosity sets him apart from the rest.

Coming from a humble background, Danish spends a lot of time (and energy) in chasing dreams and attempting to put his curious ideas into practice.

Few months ago Danish developed a model of a JCB (earth mover), which works on water. The miniature earth mover does not have any sort of machinery which makes the head, neck of the crane to work. It works due to pressure created by water. “One day a JCB came to our village for the construction of road. I was very much impressed to see how it worked thus an idea came to my mind to develop its model which could work like that,” he said.

From the very beginning of his childhood he was interested in making the models of cars, ships and trucks etc., his grandfather said. He used to spend most of his time with these things only, he added.

Danish’s miniature JCB is made of wood and plywood. It works with the help of various syringes attached with plastic pipes containing water fitted to the body of the JCB. The pump of the syringe moves down which exerts pressure due to which the neck  and the head moves up, down, right’ left. Although this model has no tyres and engine to make it run from one place to another. Danish said “I am working to develop its engine so that it too can run like the conventional one”. Danish’s parents are supporting and encouraging him for what he has done at such a young age.

Danish wants to be an automobile engineer and invent new things in this field. “My dream is to invent a car that will run on water instead of fossil fuel,” he said.

“My first dream is to convert my model into a fully functional real machine,” Danish said. However, he cannot do much to develop his model JCB into a real one because of financial constraints. “My father cannot afford so much of money to buy the material required for it as he has to support a large family,” he said. “If I get any sort of financial support from the government, I will be able to fulfill my dream “

His father Gulam Muhammad Sheikh is a cook in Indian Army and his mother is a house wife. The couple has six children – three daughters and three sons. Danish is their fifth child.

Danish, along with his grandfather, went to University of Kashmir where they spoke to university officials about the developed model. “They said that they will visit my house and look at the model that I have made and do needful for me, but a month has gone since that day and they haven’t visited yet,” he said.

The class 6th student wants to join an engineering college where he would be able to pursue automobile engineering. “It will help me lot to know about automobile engineering and will improve my skills so that I can invent new things,” he said. “I want to invent things so that I can make Kashmir proud”


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