SRINAGAR: The high speed internet services have been restricted in Rajouri and Poonch ahead of the approval of the Jammu and Kashmir Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Bill, 2023, by the Rajya Sabha.

The bill, already passed by the Lok Sabha, includes the Gadda Brahmin, Koli, Paddari Tribe, and Pahari Ethnic Group in the region’s Scheduled Tribes list. The bill is set to be presented in the Rajya Sabha after Lok Sabha approval

Mobile internet services are suspended, and internet speeds are reduced to maintain law and order. Guftar Ahmed, a local social activist in a pot on  ‘X’ said: ”Internet services snapped in Rajouri and Poonch. Why to snap Internet, why to put restrictions if you think your decision is right. By diluting ST status BJP have crushed Gujjar Bakarwal Community of Jammu and Kashmir”.



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