Indo-Pak Thaw: Geelani Rejects any Formula, says, ‘Our Fight for RSD only’



Geelani led Tehreek-e-Hurriyat organized a program to commemorate 06 January 1993 Sopore massacre today at Apple town.
Geelani led Tehreek-e-Hurriyat organized a program to commemorate 06 January 1993 Sopore massacre today at Apple town.

Cautioning India and Pakistan for not taking “Kashmiris for-granted”, chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday said that the “real stake holders” of the Kashmir issue are its people and “they haven’t given this kind of mandate” to anybody who will try to “wrap-up” the Kashmir issue by ignoring the Kashmiri people.

“We are not against the pleasant and friendly relationship between India and Pakistan but it is in no way acceptable to us that the two countries will completely ignore the wishes, aspirations and the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people and talk about potato and onion trade,” Hurriyat patriarch Geelani said in a statement issued this evening. “The freedom movement of Kashmiri people has no relation with the terrorism but our brave hearts are struggling for a genuine and just demand of freedom for which lakhs of Kashmiri people had sacrificed their lives so far.”

To discuss upon the motives, objectives and style of the present on-going dialogue process between India and Pakistan, Geelani has kick started consultation with the intellectuals and the people related to all walks of life. “In this regard at first stage he had called a meeting of all the important central as well as district officials of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat at his Hyderpora residence in which they also discussed in detail the present political situation in the state,” the statement said.

Geelani in his presidential address said that the “Four Point Formula” of former President of Pakistan Parvaiz Musharraf was just a deception which was no more than a Status Quo. This formula was nothing more than the softening of borders, people to people easy contact and easing the travel formalities. It was a diplomatic trick of converting the cease fire line into the permanent borders which was rejected by the Kashmiri nation in one voice.” “The four point formula was not only a formula of burial of the wishes, aspirations and sacrifices of the Kashmiris but it is also against the constitution and national policy of Pakistan with regarding to the Kashmir.”

He cautioned that any attempt to repeat this kind of formula will not be accepted by the Kashmiri people at any cost. “We are struggling for our basic and birth rights and we have not given this mandate to anybody that he will sabotage our movement to improve the trade ties,” he said.

“The terrorism and the freedom struggle of any nation are two different realities and they cannot be equated. On the excuse of 9/11 you cannot snatch the rights of any nation. India has itself fought a vast war with the British to get the freedom and the most nations in the world have struggled to attain this right,” he said, “due to the wrong policies of the imperialistic powers, the whole world is suffering from disorder and disharmony but it cannot be the reason of closing the eyes over the serious issues of Kashmir and Palestine.”

“Our nation has paid priceless sacrifices in the struggle of freedom and now it is time to protect these sacrifices. At a time when India is trying to dominate the entire South Asian region and want to maintain his supremacy over its neighbours, Kashmiri nation have not only to remain vigilant but they have to play a proactive role in marking their existence. We will aware the whole world that Kashmir issue is the issue of the future of 15 million human beings which needs an immediate sympathetic and humble attention. We have right to decide our future and we will not surrender this right in any kind of pressure or compulsion,” he asserted.


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