Jama’at condemns assault on ‘Muslims’ in Jammu


The way people in Jammu have created an atmosphere to “harass and intimidate the Muslims” in Jammu and cause damage to their persons and property and thereby targeted the Muslim populated areas is a most condemnable act, the Jama’at said on Saturday.

The party spokesman in a statement said that this attitude clearly depicts the role of those holding the reigns of the state. Dozens of vehicles belonging to Kashmiri Muslims were doused into flames by the mobs before the eyes of police and Muslim populated areas and Masajid were stoned in presence of the policemen who did not bother to stop the mob from committing vandalism and unlawful activities.

“At some places, the police with these rioters were seen to throw tear gas shells towards the Muslims gathered to protect their properties seemingly to clear the way for rioters. At some places, a few policemen were seen with these mobs with folded hands requesting the rioters to stop stone throwing. All these pictures and videos are circulating on social media as sufficient proof against the dubious role of Jammu police. The way some local mainstream political parties supported the Jammu bandh call with an eye on the coming elections is most condemnable showing that such leaders have no concern for the interests of the Muslim community but are too crazy to become the rulers here by hook or by crook,” the spokesman said

The local police should not suppress the genuine voice of the Kashmiri people but safeguard their basic rights which is their main duty and goal. Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir being the torch-bearer for the protection of the human rights as it believes in Islam which showed the deviated man the real way to humanity and upheld the real justice, feels duty bound to ask both the governments of India and Pakistan to come forward after joining the real representatives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and find a stable, durable and just solution of the long-pending human problem of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspirations of the concerned people here fulfilling all the demands of justice. Meanwhile, Jama’at has decided to pledge its full support to ‘peaceful protest program’ by Kashmir based trade bodies, transporters and employees unions.


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